Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Cat and Mouse Buns

This is the first time I did such cutey buns! I did mine into cats n mice.

I used the Milo custard filling recipe n method from Little Miss Bento

Hand kneaded dough after proofing 

The Milo custard filling 

The filling on my dough 

Before bake 

I did these a little differently 

As I made my bread dough first then I saw her blog and realized that she made the filling first . So I hurriedly made the filling and used a fan to blow n cool it faster. Then I popped the filling into the freezer to super cool it.
I also did not use cling film to wrap individual portions of the filling. 
I scooped n measured n just put into a plate. Still turned out fine. 

Cross section 

For the piping , i shortcut and just mixed some milk with 2 teaspoon of cocoa powder. I didn't use a piping tip. I did chill it before I piped but as the mixture warmed up it became more difficult to use. 

It's a enjoyable project and my daughter , hubby and my helper were quite impressed though my artwork is not so good and one ear from 3 buns also came off  during baking.

The taste of the filling is good too!

Do try this recipe. Happy baking!