Friday, 24 March 2017

Fried bee hoon

Hi all I recently did fried bee hoon with reference to this recipe by Angela Seah

It is very easy to follow only do watch out at the part where you fry the beehoon
Try to fry quickly as the sauce absorbs, beehoon can stick to wok and gets burnt.

looks nice right?

I used some sliced French beans, fish cake, carrot julienned
you can also add pork slices or chicken meat

Instead of using light soy sauce, I used Kikkoman Tempura n Noodle sauce with Feng He Garden Dark sauce

First, soften the beehoon in tepid water about 20-30mins. Drain it. I used half a packet. It is usually standard packing in Singapore stores.
Basically, prepare some minced garlic. Fry with vegetables and the fish cake and remove and keep aside.
Mix the sauce - proportion is 1 to 1.5 tbsp. Dark sauce with 2.5 tbsp. Light sauce mixed with a cup of water - this is from original recipe. if you use other brands, you may need to adjust the proportion.
I used tempura sauce and it yielded more sweetness. You may need to add a bit of salt.
Add in the sauce into the pot, then the bee hoon and turn on the heat . Swirl the beehoon around - I used a very long pair of chopsticks. After mixing well, make sure the strands of beehoon covered in sauce, cover the pot/wok . Let the bee hoon cook for 2-3 minutes till soft and add in the fried ingredients and mix well. I find that cutting the beehoon at this point helps to mix the ingredients in better. Serve warm.

If your ingredients, are not enough, you can pair beehoon with a can of stewed pork like I did or add some other fried food like chicken wings.