Saturday, 30 January 2016

San Remo romantic dinner cruise

I had a wonderful dinner cruise on a yacht on Saturday and I wish to share this experience . And of course there is great food served on board cooked by Chef Melvyn, ambassador for San Remo.

I won this trip along with 2 couples after purchasing some San Remo products 

The trip starts from One 15 Marina Club
where the yacht Ximula is berthed there.

We are welcomed aboard by Natalie, from Alphico Marketing Pte Ltd.
On board we removed our shoes and are shown around.

Chef Melvyn and his team are already busy preparing our dinner which he has specially planned for.

We enjoyed champagne on the deck in the sunny afternoon skies ( with some dark clouds) and a briefing done by Ximula crew and a welcome by Chef Melvyn.

Relaxing with champagne 

All the ladies received a lovely rose bouquet 

It's a very thoughtful touch to kick off the romantic cruise

Captain Wong

Our sunshine girl from Ximula 

Deck chairs 

The mast

Wind in our hair!

Fruit and snacks basket for us to snack on before dinner. Cold drinks too.

Captain Wong and his new 'crew'

Our itinerary included going to the islands  St. John, Kusu and Lazarus Island.

Enjoying the sea view with romantic love songs being played

We had time for fun before dinner at 7pm
So most of us gamely went into sea after donning our life jackets. We used the kayaks and paddle boards.  

That's me at the back! 

Another guest on the paddle board

Soon the sun set and we were seated after the tables were transformed

Wine was served to compliment the delectable dishes prepared by Chef Melvyn and his team . We understood it wasn't easy cooking on choppy waters.

San Remo has thoughtfully allowed us to choose what we wanted to eat and Chef Melvyn came to explain to us how some of his food were prepared and he used the freshest ingredients. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Mushroom soup in homemade stock

Appetiser - thinly sliced scallops in orange reduction and caviar

Hubby - Sweet lobster and fresh tomato - juice bursting in your mouth served with Sam Remo Linguine

My slow braised beef in wine reduction - so tender and flavorful served with San Remo penne.

Dessert - Tiramisu Tradionale
It was sweet but not cloying and Chef Melvyn used honey and melted chocolate for this dish

Enjoying our wine with the food

Sunset view

Thank you Natalie for explaining about San Remo brand and products

Photo with our Chef and Ximula Crew

With all the guests 

Thank you for giving us so much products to try

No guessing - next time my food post will be with San Remo products!

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Monday, 4 January 2016

Fried bread toasts with egg yolks

It is my first post for 2016. Happy New Year!!

This is not my first dish of food but think this is nice to eat so I decided to jot it down

I had leftover egg yolks after making some sesame crisps and didn't want to waste the yolks. So I decided to stir fry the yolks.

3 pcs of bread slices to cubes
Oil for frying 

Egg yolk mix
3 egg yolks
Milk about a tablespoon
Ketchup about a teaspoon
Soy sauce a teaspoon
Stir all together

Additional ketchup for drizzling 

Prepare the yolk mixture n set aside
Cut up the bread
Pour a little oil on frying pan
After heating the pan, fry the bread on both sides 
The oil will be absorbed by the bread
Add a little more oil and add the egg yolk mixture 
Try to coat the bread with the egg yolk mix
After frying till egg yolks cooked 
Sprinkle a little salt and mix in
Dish up and drizzle ketchup 

It looks like our Chinese dish called Chai tow kueh or fried carrot cake 

Enjoy cooking!