Friday, 17 July 2015

Toast and kiwi egg ramekins

These make quite a filling breakfast and today I made them even healthier by doing in kiwi fruit.

Recipe for one portion 
1 piece of white bread - edges removed
Some butter (SCS) or margarine ( e.g. Planta)
1 slice of green kiwi ( not too thick)
1 egg
Some salt and black pepper 
1 ramekin greased with butter
1 small baking tray

Grease the ramekin
Prepare the white bread n butter the surface
Place the bread unbuttered side down into the ramekin
Place a slice of kiwi on the bottom 
Crack an egg into the ramekin
Sprinkle a bit of salt on the egg
Oven preheat to 190c
Place ramekin onto tray n bake for about 17 -20 minutes 
The toast should not be too brown
The egg will still be a bit runny
Serve it with a sprinkle of black pepper 

Kiwi on bread

Add the egg


Enjoy with your morning cuppa!

Nestum Cookies with chocolate chips

Nestum cookies are not new in Singapore or other countries but it is my first try using it. 

saw a few recipes online and came across this recipe from Happy Flour. 

I followed the ingredients and steps but I did not grease the tray. Instead I lined it for easy removal of my cookies. 

I also added in chocolate chips into the dough instead of decorating the top of the cookies with chocolate rice.

Some of the ingredients 

Chocolate chips inside the dough
It feels a bit dry to me but the cookies turned out great

I applied milk to the surface before baking

Bake for about 17 mins at 170c 
Original recipe is 175c for 15 -20 until they hardened. Can make 34 pcs of cookies. 

Happy Baking!