Saturday, 29 December 2012

Getting ready for Chinese New Year

Today I did a bit of shopping.
For baking and for wearing.

Phoon Huat Supplies

Got some supplies - pineapple paste filling, ground peanut and fine corn polenta.
Chinese New Year is not too far away, so it's good to stock up on supplies now.
And I have to do a test batch soon to make sure the cookies turn out right.
Moving on...
Did a bit of shopping at Causeway Point.  Crowds are there enjoying the Post Christmas sales.
The decoration has been changed to accomodate the coming Chinese New Year.

It intends to give you the festive mood.
Bought this blouse because of its lace trimmings. Has a romantic feel right?
Shoes are so sweet, yes?
Hope everyone can have a good shopping experience.


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