Thursday, 5 December 2013

White Chocolate Cheesecake

Base of cake
Weigh 110 gm oreo biscuit base( remove cream) crushed or processed till fine and set aside.
40 g of melted butter.
Prepare a 8 inch square tin - no removable base, please line n overlap the sides with tin foil for easy removal.
Mix the fine oreo with butter with a spoon n cover the base of the tin evenly n pressing it down with the back of a spoon .
Chill for 30 minutes.

Cheesecake ingredients 
1 block or 250 g of Philadelphia cream cheese softened.
100 gm cooking white chocolate ( Cadbury) melted 
70 g of whipping cream ( emborg brand ) beat till thicken - not too long
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
60 gm oreo chopped roughly for mixture - removed cream
1 tbsp of gelatins mixed with 3 tablespoon  of hot water.

Melt the white chocolate n set aside.
Make the gelatine mix.
Beat the cream cheese till smooth .
Add in melted chocolate n gelatine n beat till combined.
Add in vanilla essence. Beat till combined.
Add whipped cream n beat .
Add in chopped oreo n combine by using hand with a scraper.
Pour mixture in tin.
Refrigerate 3 hours to set.

50 g of oreo biscuits crushed finely - cream removed 

Remove cake from fridge n scatter the oreo on top cover the white part.
Lift up the cake with the tin foil n cut to serve.

Recipe is from a baking class I took last nite at a Residents committee club.

This cake is done with cream removed from oreo to make it healthier n less sweet but I find it is a bit of a waste. 

The trainer did say we can purchase only the biscuit crumbs at baking supplier Phoon Huat.

Or I think you can save the cream n keep it in the fridge n spread it on other plain biscuits to eat instead.

This is another version of the white chocolate cheesecake. Using a 6 inch round detachable mould. 
I have replaced the Oreo base with Mcvities digestive biscuit n replaced the oreo bits in the batter with chopped strawberries.
The top is also decorated with Mcvities crumbs.

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