Sunday, 20 July 2014

Minced Chicken Spiral Pasta

I am the part time chef again. 

For easy lunch I decided to do a pasta dish with minced chicken meat.

Some minced chicken about a fist sized marinate with salt n white pepper
1/2 bottle of San Remo pasta sauce
Mixed frozen vegetables
7 pcs button mushroom cut into thirds
1/4 large onion diced
San Remo spiral pasta 2-3 cups
Olive oil

Pasta sauce
Panfry onion till slightly brown add in minced chicken n fry till whitish colour.
Add in mushrooms n mixed vegetables and stir fry.
Add in pasta sauce and fry till bubbly. 

Boil water n add in pasta with 2 teaspoon salt
Boil as per package instruction 
Drain water n rinses with tap water.
Drain water from pasta.
Add a drizzle of olive oil n toss the pasta.

Serve with the prepared pasta sauce.

Happy Cooking!

Frying ingredients

With pasta sauce

Tasty sauce

Pasta cooked

Mix pasta with olive oil 

Yummy lunch!

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