Friday, 8 August 2014

Begedil or Potato Patties Malay style

I must thank my friend Isliza for sharing her Begedil recipe with me.

These are so tasty and doesn't need much ingredients to make.

A few potatoes 
Minced beef
Some chopped onion
White Pepper 
Chinese parsley
Egg beaten
Oil for frying

First marinate some minced beef with a little salt
Panfry with chopped onions n keep aside

Prepare some diced finely Chinese parsley leaves
Boil some peeled potatoes - cut to similar size for even cooking
When potatoes still warm mash them n add in pepper salt chopped parsley n minced beef.
Form into patties n keep in fridge. Use a clingwrap to cover them n keep chilled for at least 30 mins.
Beat an egg into a plate.
Heat some oil in wok. 
Dip the potato patties in egg evenly n fry them over low heat.
Serve with your favourite chilli dip.
Happy cooking!

Minced beef

Boiling potatoes till fork can poke it easily

Mash the potato and add in seasoning n minced beef


Form into patties n chill

Frying the begedils

Yummy n ready to serve 

Inside the begedil