Saturday, 16 August 2014

Tuna Ham Pasta Salad

This salad was made for a gathering for my friends tonight. 

The original recipe is from All Recipes

I have changed macaroni to spiral pasta and added ham as well.

Ingredients included 
1 packet San Remo spirals boiled according to instructions
2 stalks celery - remove the fibrous outer skin and cut into small sections
3 pcs leg ham julienned
3 tomatoes blanched skin n seed removed n diced 
2 cans of chunky tuna

Sauce ingredients
1 cup mayonnaise
1 tablespoon Italian dressing
1 tablespoon fine sugar 
Some fresh dill leaves 
Mix together.

Cook pasta n drain.
Add a little olive oil into the pasta n mix.
Add in the celery, tomato n tuna n cream n mix together.
Decorate with the ham.
Chill for 1 hr before serving.


Cut criss cross on tomatoes top n bottom before blanching in boiling water about 20 seconds

Skin peels away 

Put inside ice bath n remove skin after cooling about 5 minutes later

Dicing the tomatoes 

Happy cooking!