Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Crispy Shredded Crabstick

Chinese New Year is coming soon and I see the New Year goodies up for sales in the supermarket.

I remembered eating this treat from a relative a few years ago and decided to try it myself.

Imitation crab sticks 
Some plain flour 
Oil for frying

First unroll the crabstick n shred them using your fingers to feel n peel out strand by strand
I laid them on a paper towel 
Heat some oil - enough for deep frying
Coat the strands in plain flour
Fry them in batches till golden brown
Use a paper towel to absorb the oil
Keep in airtight container. 

Note : I tried without plain flour but unable to achieve crispyness

Shredding the crabstick

Coat in plain flour

Frying in hot oil

Drain on paper towel

Happy frying!

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