Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Prawn Fritters

I feel I I should share this as the prawn fritters are awesome! No need to buy flour mix anymore!

Please refer to Hedy Khoo's recipe 
The link is here

I did with about 170 gm of Large prawns bought from Ntuc Fairprice supermarket (weight after heads n shells removed) which was about 19 prawns.

Bought this type of prawns didn't use all

The batter was half her recipe
For consistency of batter I used 100 ml water plus 2 tablespoon water
You have to experiment your own my batter is a bit thick and clings to the prawns so it doesn't drop while transferring to the wok

Frying in the oil 

The fritters were tasty on thier own but I also added a side dish of Thousand Island Sauce dressing 

Puffed up 

Cross section


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