Saturday, 16 May 2015

Steamed cupcakes

These are steamed cupcakes using my electric steamer. If you have tried steamed cakes, they are denser than baked cakes. I kept them overnight in a covered case and they still taste good the next day. 

My friend told me steamed cakes may be less heaty than baked ones as Chinese believe baked or fried foods cause our bodies to heat up internally and may cause sickness.

The original recipe came from SandeeA's blog 

My Malay friend says Apam means Kueh.

I followed her recipe and she has made it without using ovalette.

However, I used artificial colours n flavorings. Please follow her link for natural strawberry flavour.

Before steaming - place the paper cupcakes inside my metal chicken pie molds 

After steaming 10 minutes in my electric steamer

For the filling I used chocolate rice and also some blueberry jam

I also tried orange flavoring.

 Orange flavored

Chocolate rice 

Original with pink coloured cross 

Blueberry jam