Friday, 25 September 2015

Cabbage salad

Yesterday I had a great Japanese lunch which included a salad. So today while doing marketing I shopped for cabbage to recreate it.

Actually I am not too sure which type but I ruled out Beijing cabbage as I think I use that for stir fry n soups,

I bought this instead

I chose a sugar loaf cabbage

Sugar loaf cabbage 1/2 shredded finely 
Kikkoman soy sauce 4 tsp
White sesame oil 2 tsp 
Mizkan sushi seasoning 4 tsp 
Heinz cocktail sauce
Cherry tomatoes halved
Frozen mixed vegetables
Sunflower seeds (optional)

Cut the cabbage into half 
Discard outer layer 1st piece if too dirty
Slice the cabbage thinly ( next time I will do more thin)
Throw away the hard end of cabbage
Rinse the cabbage - drain n place in a large bowl n chill in the fridge about ten minutes 

Prepare the sauce
Mix the soy sauce, sesame oil, sushi seasoning in a small bowl with a teaspoon

Wash a handful of frozen mixed vegetables 
Microwave with water and a pinch of salt
I used one minute
Drain the water away

Portion the chilled cabbage into 4 bowls 
Spoon some prepared sauce over 
Squeeze some cocktail sauce on top 
Spoon some cooked mixed vegetables on the cocktail sauce
Add a few cherry tomatoes 
Sprinkle the sunflower seeds

Ready to eat!

Note : 
I made this sauce without any sugar - healthier for my hubby
It tastes a bit tangy and whets your appetite 
The cabbage is crunchy n nice to eat