Saturday, 6 February 2016

Chinese Leek with mini pork belly

Chinese love to have leek during the Lunar New Year celebrations as the leek is called 蒜 which sounds like Chinese word 算 meaning to count - as in counting money.

Besides eating it, some households tie the leek and hang it up 

Unfortunately in Singapore weather, it is so hot and the leek will turn yellow very soon.

One bunch of leek - 5 stalks
Mini pork belly about 220 gm
Garlic minced 
Some salt
Some Kikkoman soy sauce 
Some Hua Diao chew 
Some cooking oil
Some cornflour and water

The leeks.
Wash each stalk thoroughly.
Remove the outer layer which may be dirty.
Cut away the roots.
Then cut the whiter part nearet the root in slanted angles. Place in a bowl .
Cut the leafy parts. Place in another bowl.
Do the same for rest of leek.

Pork treatment 
First remove the upper fatty layer of the pork 
Then use a deep frying pan, boil water and add in a teaspoon of salt and blanch the pork till both sides look white - ish
They won't be cooked through 
Remove them to chopping board 
Discard the boiled water and clean the pan to use again 
Cut the pork into about 5 mm thickness 
Add a teaspoon or slightly more oil and fry the pork and sprinkle salt on them and cook till a bit brownish and smell fragrant. 
Set aside. 

Add oil again and fry garlic till golden but not burnt
Add in the stalk part of leek n fry with a teaspoon of soy sauce about 1-2 minutes. Add about 2 tablespoon water. Fry again.
Add in the leaf part and top with the pork belly and continue to fry a minute. Add about a teaspoon of soy sauce again to fry. 
Make some corn starch water and drizzle around the pan.
Fry till bubbles start to appear.
Off fire and place on dish.
Serve with white rice.

Blanch the pork in salt water

Slice the pork into about 5 mm thickness

Frying with pork on the leek

Dish is ready. 

Happy cooking!!