Thursday, 4 February 2016

Chinese sausage lunch

Finally took a day of leave  to clear my home . Spring cleaning is part of Chinese New Year. Remove the old stuff and receive the new!

My friend reminded me I should get some sausages for Chinese New Year. I bought a packet yesterday and they look so good I can't resist cooking one piece today before Chinese New Year!

This is one method to prepare them . There may be other ways.

Remove one sausage from the packet n tie the rest up n seal properly and store in fridge .
Cut both ends of the sausage and peel off the casing.
Then slice into thin slices and place in a melanin bowl.
Wash 1 cup of rice and add in 1 cup of water into your rice cooker.
Place the bowl of sausage into the rice cooker.
Cook the rice with the sausage.
Serve your sausage on rice with a fried egg. 
You can add some vegetables for a more wholesome meal.

I bought this brand

Remove one sausage
Cut the ends n remove casing

Almost done 

Sausage is sliced

Put into rice cooker

Rice and sausage cooked!

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