Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Stirfry Udon with dark sauce

This is a yummy dish of stirfry udon with dark sauce. Easy to prepare n delicious.
Good to do since my helper off day and I prepare this simple dish for my family.

The original recipe is from Rasa Malaysia

I have changed some ingredients like the kecap manis sauce to Feng He Garden dark sauce so the taste may not be the same - however, my family enjoyed it very much.
I also substituted pork with prawns for my children.

Oyster sauce I used Lee Kum Kee 3 tsp
Dark Sauce Feng He Garden 4 tsp
Soy sauce Kikkoman 3 tsp
Fine sugar 1.5 tsp
Sesame oil a dash
Water 12 tbsp initially 
Added more during cooking 
Mix above in a large bowl and set aside

Pork filet slice n marinate with oyster n Kikkoman soy sauce for 15 minutes - keep in fridge covered

1/2 large carrot julienned
1 stalk spring onion cut into 1-2 inch lengths 
2 pcs garlic sliced 
Some bunashimeji mushrooms - pls wash n separate 
Dodo brand large rectangle fish cake 1.5 pcs sliced 
Chinese cabbage sliced into strips about  - see photo 
Cooking oil

2 eggs stirfried n cut into strips (optional)

3 packet of udon - fairprice brand

Remove marinated pork from fridge about ten minutes before using 

Boil water n cook udon for 2 minutes n drain water n set aside 

Heat some oil in large frying pan 
Fry the garlic for short while no need to brown 
Add in the pork n fry till half done n push aside leave in the pan
Add in the carrot n stirfry 
Add in mushrooms n stirfry all include pork
Add in cabbage n stirfry
Add in fish cake n stirfry 
Add in udon n prepared sauce 
If sauce cannot cover all udon , mix in a little water to sauce bowl and pour over udon
Use a pair of chopsticks now to move the udon around n coat with sauce
Then add in spring onions n cook a minute more
Can be served with egg strips 

Note - I prepared for 2 adults n 2 young children 
Amount can be increased for older children 

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