Sunday, 3 July 2016

Cheese and Bacon Potato Gratin

This is a dish for potato lovers
I used up 4 russet potatoes and a few slices of bacon in there. It is aromatic and I like the flavour.

You can find the recipe here

Although the link says Jamie Oliver but this recipe is contributed by Mardi Michel

I omitted the white mushrooms n flaked almonds and for cheddar cheese I replaced with pizza plus shredded cheese from Perfect Italiano.

Through the same link you can find Jamie Oliver's  festive potato bake .

4 large russet potatoes, some bacon , whipping cream cooked with garlic.

I find that it's a huge serving 

We just ate for fun but I kept the balance and brought it to work for my lunch the next day . Just wrap in aluminum foil n heat it up.

 Slice the potatoes as thinly as possible

Bacon that I used

Cross section of my potato gratin . I added some diced yellow capsicum as well.

Do give it a try! Happy baking!

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