Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Baked cream cheese tarts

These are delicious and I applied 3 different toppings. The original recipe is from Alex Ong but I followed this blog recipe

I made 12 tarts and I still have left over cream cheese filling so perhaps next round can make up to 15 tarts for 1 batch. I think is because my tart size is small as I used my Zhui kueh molds.

I kept the filling and the remainder pastry dough in the fridge to make more tarts next day.

Making the tart shells each 30 gm
Should have reduced to 25gm as my mold size is smaller - next time!

Spoon cheese filling into cooled cooked tart shells - baked at 190c 11 mins

Ready to bake 

Baked  at 180c for 9 mins


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