Sunday, 7 August 2016

Roti Boy Buns

I can still remember buying roti boy buns in Malaysia and they were very popular many years back.

Today I happen to come across this YouTube video on how to make them

I was already making bread buns so I used about 300 gm of my dough to make 6 of these roti boy buns.

Wrap a pc of cold butter I use 4-5 gm wrap in a small pc of dough 10 gm

Further wrap into the main bun dough 

Before proofing

After proofing about 30 mins

Make the coffee paste n chill it in a piping bag

Ready to pipe ( sorry my nozzle hidden) actually can don't use nozzle 

Pipe rounds about halfway on the bun

Baked at 180 for about 15 mins

I used bread flour - see the butter in the middle?

Light coffee flavour

Do give it a try! Happy baking