Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Hi Everyone,
It's really been so long since I last updated this blog.
for sometime, I could not access this blog and I have been using my phone to post.
Today I have tried to use the computer instead.

I have been busy taking a course for work and didn't really do anything much except mugging and catching up on sleep since I took night classes.

After the course ended, I pampered myself taking up some cooking lessons and finally decided to sign up a bread making course.

The photos below are the marron glace crown which I made in class. We used Japanese chestnut. On its own, it is very sweet, but combined in bread, is very appealing.

I made again the next day replacing the chestnuts with golden raisin and walnuts. I also scattered some walnuts on the bread before baking. It turned out quite well and is also tasty. I ate the bread over 3 days for breakfast.

Bread is made using handknead method. I will be posting more bread posts in future.
Happy mid week to everyone!!