Thursday, 23 March 2017

One pot rice

Sometimes on weekends, is my time to cook day. A lot of times, my hubby will not want me to cook and he prefers to buy from the food centre but he does appreciate if my food is good. But I do hate washing up!

Last weekend, I searched for one pot rice and chanced upon this recipe for "Kiam Peng" meaning salty rice.

The ingredients are simple, I used about 250 gm of chicken thigh meat, diced and pan fried first.

Then fried the garlic, and ginger and diced onion together.
Added in the carrots, some shimeji mushrooms and long beans.
After frying those, I added sliced cabbage, about 1/4 of  a large cabbage.
Then I added in Kikkoman soy sauce, Tai Wah dark soy sauce and oyster sauce, some sesame oil  and fried together.

Note : no need to cut the beans and carrots so fine, because in the end, I couldn't see my vegs!!

After frying, mix into the rice which you place in the rice cooker. I mixed water with chicken stock.
I followed and put less than the water level for 2 cups rice. Mix well and cook.

mixed in
almost cooked

After cooking, mixed well, and I put in some Chinese parsley. Let it sit for 15 mins before serving.

The rice is fragrant and tasty! but you should not skimp on the ingredients - should put in more than what I did.
Happy cooking everyone!