Saturday, 24 August 2013

Cooking session with Chef Daniel Koh

Recently I attended a cooking session organized by City Gas.  It was a demonstration showcasing a blended sauce created by Chef Daniel.

Cooking studio inside the Civil Service Club

Chef Daniel cooking Stewed Chicken with DK7 Spices & Roasted Tomatoes
Chef Daniel's creation DK7 Spice Mix
We find this dish aromatic but the class was quite big so we had only a small portion to taste. 
Tips from Chef Daniel - Roasting the tomatoes releases the sweetness. Easy to remove tomato skins.
- Brown the chicken to seal the chicken juice before stewing however, if the flames not strong enough will leak out water from the chicken.

Chef Daniel introducing his fruits for second dish - Pan-fried Sea Bass Fillet with DK7 Spices Blend & Fruits Sauce

Blending the fruit juice

Tasting the dory fish (replaced sea bass)
Chef Daniel Koh - celebrity Chef but friendly - thumbs up!!





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