Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Decadent Couverture Chocolate Mini Snowskin Mooncakes with Chocolate Lotus Paste Filling

Getting adventurous, I searched the net for interesting snowskin mooncake recipes and came across this recipe.  It was originally from Phoon Huat - a baking needs supplier and baking class provider.

After you made them, you will need to chill them in the fridge before serving. You should enjoy them with a cup of Chinese tea.
Ingredients for the snowskin
130ml water
70gm brown sugar
40g bitter Couverture chocolate (I used Bakeway chocolate couverture strong bitter droplets 73.5% cocoa)
10gm cocoa powder
10gm chocolate emulco.
20gm Crisco shortening
60gm Kou Fien (Red Man brand glutinous rice - it is in a powder form)
  1. Warm the water in a saucepan and dissolve the sugar in it.
  2. Add the melted chocolate, cocoa powder and emulco. Stir well to ensure there are no lumps of cocoa powder.  Set aside to cool slightly.
  3. Rub shortening with kou fien first. (I did this by mixing inside a plastic sandwich bag)
  4. Mix well ( I used spoon and also my hands) and then rest the dough for about 20 mins.
Pot with melted brown sugar, melted couverture chocolate, cocoa powder, chocolate emulco
Yes it looks very messy. You need to wash your hands often.
After 20 minutes, weight the mixture into 21gm or 22 gm and make into balls and set aside onto a plate. You should be able to make 13 or 14 pcs.
Fillings Ingredients
300gm white lotus paste
60gm bitter Couverture chocolate melted
1/2 tsp chocolate Emulco
Optional 50gm roasted melon seeds or pine nuts
Mix all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl - I used my hands.

Weigh this into 18gm portions and roll into a bowl and set aside on a large plate. I made 21 pcs. 
You will have balance paste for other snowskin.
How to assemble
  1. Take a piece of the skin dough and flatten it on a flat surface like a tabletop. You can line with plastic to lessen cleaning up.
  2. Place a piece of filling on the dough and enclose it with the skin.
  3. Roll the ball with some kou fien.
  4. Put the ball into a small mooncake mould and press.
  5. Keep inside an airtight container and chill in the fridge before serving.

Place them inside a mooncake box that can be bought from the baking needs store and give to your loved ones. What better gift for the Mid Autumn Festival than a gift of handmade mooncakes?
Enjoy making them!



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