Saturday, 17 August 2013

Durian Mille Crepe and Durian Crepe Roll

Finally did a mille crepe- this time with my hubby's favourite fruit - Durian!
Previously I have done crepes before and added ice cream to eat with them.  Today I tried out with durian filling and am so glad I got it right and didn't let my yummy durian go to waste.
I used D24 durian which I bought from Cold Storage along with the Topping Cream

Durian Filling Ingredients

150g fresh durian (pressed through a sieve for finer texture)
20 g instant custard powder
220 g non-dairy fresh whipping cream (whip it up with electric beater till thickened)

Place the fresh durian with custard powder into a bowl and beat till thickened.
Then add the whipped up topping cream and mix well with a spatula. 
Set aside in the fridge.
This mixture is good for spreading on 10 - 14 pcs of crepes.
150gm durian after pressing through sieve.

Whipped durian and custard powder.

 Durian and whipped topping cream
Durian filling - mixed with topping cream
Place a piece of cooled crepe on plate and spread the durian cream. Layer with crepe and repeat process.
Chill and cut into 8 servings.
I used the crepe to make durian crepe roll too.

Use about 1.5 tablespoon of durian cream and put it at about 1/3 position of the crepe.
Roll the crepe over the cream and fold in the sides.

Rolled durian crepes.
Hope everyone can enjoy this durian dessert.
For crepes recipe, please use the following - please make 2 portions in order to make the mille crepe

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