Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Sea Cucumber with Bak Kut Soup

I received sea cucumbers from my friend and saved them for Chinese New Year reunion dinner tonight. My mother in law helped to cook this dish.

Some pork ribs (bak kut teh type)
3 sea cucumbers 
Sugar about 1 tablespoon
Salt about 1 teaspoon
Dark soy sauce to taste
Kikkoman soy sauce to taste
White pepper to taste 
Some gouqizi 
Some sliced ginger about 5 pcs
A few garlic about 6 pcs skin on

1.Clean the sea cucumber by removing the underside. Rinse n cut into thirds.
2.Parboil the bak kut.
3. Add some oil to deep soup pot and fry the garlic and ginger 
4. Add in bak kut n stir fry
5. Add in the sea cucumber and stir fry with salt, sugar, pepper.
6. Put in enough water to cover the ribs and sea cucumbers.
7. Add in both soy sauce.
8. Boil for 1 hour. 
Taste and adjust if necessary 

Sea cucumbers
Rub underside to remove dirt

Rinse clean and cut into smaller pieces

Pork ribs parboiled 

Fry garlic n ginger

Fry the ribs

Add in the sea cucumbers

Cover with water n boil



Enjoy your delicious soup!

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