Sunday, 23 August 2015

Fried Hokkien Noodles with Udon

Easy stir fry and tasty dish I whipped up as a afternoon snack. The portion is enough for two adults but as a snack I managed to share with three persons.

I used a packet 100 gm of udon 
And 2 handfuls of hokkien noodles 
Boil these together in hot water for about 2 minutes and drain. Set aside.

A few Dodo brand fish balls. Each ball sliced into 4
Some slices of Chinese sausages ( can replace with a few prawns)
A few broccoli florets 
Half a small carrot julienned 
2 pcs of garlic minced

Sauce ingredients
1.5 -2 Chinese soup spoon of Tai Hua dark soy sauce 
1.5 - 2 Chinese soup spoon of oyster sauce
1 tsp of sugar
Some white pepper if desired 
Add in some hot water about 100 ml n mix the sauce till sugar dissolves

Heat a wok and add in about 3 tablespoons oil.
You can reduce the oil but I didn't want my noodles to stick on my wok.
When oil is hot, fry the garlic about 15 seconds
Add in the carrots, broccoli first n fry a few seconds
Add in sliced fish ball and sausages n fry a short while
Add in noodles with udon and pour seasoning over 
Mix thoroughly for about a minute
I used my chopsticks to do it 
If the vegetables look cooked, then remove noodles from wok
Serve warm
Suggestion : You can drink a cup of nice Chinese or Japanese tea with this meal.

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