Saturday, 15 August 2015

Char kway teow

My first plate of char kway teow. Not too bad in the looks department :)
Next time I shall add a bit more kecap manis to sweeten it a little.

I followed Noobcook's recipe please see the full recipe through this link

Below is a photo of ingredients I used

My portion is double the original recipe for 3 adults portion

I used an entire packet of kway teow 400 gm ( Fortune brand)
About 100 gm of hokkien noodles ( Sakura brand)
Some red wine lup cheong sliced thinly 
I bought Golden Palm brand - ready sliced very convenient 
2 eggs
1 stalk of chye sim cut up
2 strand of spring onion cut up 
A few garlic minced 
A fistful of bean sprouts
1 large fish cake sliced

The sauce for char kway teow 
I used Tai Hua dark sauce about 2 tablespoon
Kecap manis I used 1 tablespoon because I read wrongly should use 2.5 or 3 tablespoon 
Fish sauce 1 tablespoon
About 2 tablespoon water during frying 

Heat enough oil in the wok and fry the garlic till fragrant
Please swirl the oil around the wok so that the kway teow won't stick to wok 
Then add in the noodles, kway teow n the fish cake, lup cheong and sauce 
Quickly stir fry everything using high heat
Make sure the noodles n kway teow gets brown colour from the sauce 
I added a little water at this point
Then I added in the vegetables and bean sprouts 
Stir fry quickly till vegetables are almost cooked
Add in the eggs and stirfry till cooked
Serve warm

Ingredients in the wok

Added in vegetables 

Ready to eat!

Happy cooking!

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