Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Rice Cooker Chicken

This is amazing! Never knew I could steam chicken so effortlessly! Recipe from video shared by friends on facebook.
Original recipe in Chinese

1. 雞 1隻 (大概1.3公斤重)
2. 幼鹽 1 1/2湯匙
3. 葱 400 克 (切半)...
4. 乾葱 6 粒 (切片)
5. 紹興酒 400 毫升

1. 雞身及雞腔擦上幼鹽。 於較厚肉的地方,擦上較多的鹽。
2. 將葱平放於電飯煲底部,再加入乾葱,將雞放面,淋上紹興酒。
3. 以電飯煲煮40分鐘,切件即可食用。

English Recipe
1. 1 whole chicken roughly weight 1.3 kg  - I bought mine from the wet market - $8.50
2. Fine salt 1.5 tablespoon
3. Spring Onion 400 g that will be 4 packets from NTUC -$2.80.Can cut the spring onions into half.
4. Small red onions 6 pcs. Skin removed and sliced.
5. Shao Xing Wine 400 ml - in my opinion can reduce to 300ml. 1 bottle of shao xing wine 600ml costs $3.60.
1. Rub the external and internal of chicken with salt. Rubbing longer at the meatier parts.
2. Place the spring onions on the bottom of rice cooker.  Add in the small red onions. Place chicken on top. Pour the shao xing wine on the chicken.
3. Cook for 40 minutes. Discard the spring onions and small onions. Cut and serve.
I recommend to flip the chicken over at 30 minutes and "colour" the other side of the chicken.
I used the full cycle of the rice cooker. The meat is still tender.
I also added some gouqizi to the chicken when cooking.
The stock is very strong flavoured, I have added 2 cups of water to dilute and boil it to become soup.

Place the spring onions n red onions

Put in the chicken n add shao xing wine

Chicken nice colour

Cut up chicken n serve with rice