Sunday, 6 March 2016

Steamed egg with minced pork

This is one childhood dish that I love. This is my version as I remember it. 

One box of minced pork from supermarket such as Fairprice
Sesame oil 
Cooking oil
3 eggs
Soy sauce about 2 teaspoon
Dash of white pepper
Some spring onions chopped
Optional - salted egg yolk


Oil a large plate to prevent egg from sticking (I used an enamel plate)
Marinate the minced pork with soy sauce and a dash of white pepper n a dash of sesame oil 
Place the minced pork on the plate 
Beat 3 eggs lightly and pour over the minced pork
I also break up the pork slightly to let the egg flow in 
Optional - crush a salted egg yolk and spread around the surface
Boil the water in the covered wok 
When water boils , steam cook the pork for 15 minutes
Before serve, sprinkle a bit of sesame sauce and put chopped spring onions 
Best eaten warm with rice 

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