Thursday, 3 March 2016

White bread loaf

Today I baked these loaves using Taiwan Bread flour called Blue Jacket

On the packet there is a recipe but I halved the recipe and also incorporated previous method to make this bread 
Largely from bakingwithmi

500 gm bread flour
15 gm instant yeast
35 gm castor sugar
8 gm fine salt
350 gm slightly warm milk 
Bread improver (omitted)

Measure your milk in a jug
Into it stir in a tablespoon of sugar from the measured portion
Then add in the yeast stir well and keep in warm place to let the yeast bubble 
Then prepare your mixing bowl 
I use my kenwood mixer
Pour the yeast milk into the bowl
Add in the balance sugar and salt 
Mix well with a spoon
Add in all the flour
Use the dough hook and start mixing on low for about 3 minutes 
Then adjust to medium speed about  5 minutes or till the dough texture looks smooth 
Then add in the softened butter
Use low speed to mix in the butter about 2-3 minutes
Then use medium speed about 10 minutes till the dough is smooth again

Oil a medium size bowl for proofing
Shape the dough into a ball and proof it in the bowl 
Cover with cling film n proof about 40 mins in a slightly warmed oven

Before proof

After proof

Remove the dough onto a baking paper n flatten slightly with your palm into a disc
I divided into 6 triangles and shaped then into balls
Cover with cling film and proof for 25 minutes

Then I followed the video above from King Arthur Flour 

Grease 2 loaf pans with butter . I used a Crisco butter spray 

Shape each ball onto a lightly floured surface till almost oval like 
Fold one third over n press down the seam with the side of palm 
Turn the other side to you and fold the other 1/3 over n press the seam down 
Then roll it on the work top into a log
Place 3 rolls into the loaf tin and proof till they raise slightly over the loaf tin
Bake at 150c preheated oven for 30-35 mins

After 2nd proof 

Shape to oval 

Fold 1/3 over n press seam
Do the same the other side

Then roll it to log 

Put inside the oiled or buttered loaf tins

Ready to eat!

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