Saturday, 12 March 2016

U Picnic 2016 - Space Odyssey

We returned for another Upicnic organized by Ntuc. This time it has moved to the north of Singapore - very grateful for that!

It was a hot day and Joie has the most fun doing the activities . Some photos below.

Drawing inside the dome 


Having fun at Planet 51 - bouncy castle 

We didn't do other activities as we had to participate only if you hold a time card for the activity n at the stipulated time.

It was a large turnout and only a small number of children can do the activities at one time. We are lucky we were able to play her favorite bouncy castle.

In the straits times report , over 7000 turned up for this event.

We played and went back to daddy and sat down to enjoy the concert.

Goodies in the picnic bag

Put on my fancy star ring

She almost can't fit in!

We can draw inside and outside the dome 

We wore Star Wars tees to compliment the Space Odyssey theme

Great songs from the band

Managed to catch Joe for a photo

Joe on stage 

Fun flashing rings 

Photo with the planets 

Night view

Storm troopers

Darth Vader

LED dancers

They were several stage games mostly children attended and best dressed costumes and count the stars and anti gravity pose contests.

We left after the band came on again 

Note - always be early as the events start at 5 pm sharp 
Bring extra picnic mats
Bring umbrellas n sun block
Game booths will be crowded no matter which system the organizers use 
Don't be too hard on the organizer - give and take a little - stay happy 

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