Sunday, 13 March 2016

Stir fry black fungus with assorted vegetables

This dish is cooked after inspiration from visiting a organic vegetable farm in Neo Tiew, Lim Chu Kang area.

This is a very easy stir fry as I used fresh black fungus.

The fungus in the picture - you can get in Fairprice too says the farm salesman


Sauce used

1 orange small pepper julienned ( remove seeds)
4 shiitake mushrooms sliced ( stem removed)
Black fungus a handful - washed first.
Cut away any hard part at the bottom and then cut into bite size
1 packet sweet peas - remove the veins
1 clove garlic minced - skin removed
Oyster sauce about 1.5 tablespoon
Kikkoman soy sauce about 2 tablespoon
1/2 cup water
Cooking oil 2 tablespoon 
Optional - about 10 pcs of salted cashew nuts

Heat the oil a few seconds 
Add in garlic stir fry about 10 seconds 
Add in all peas, orange pepper and mushrooms
Stir fry till peas turn darker green mushrooms look browned on white part
Add in the oyster and soy sauce 
Add in the fungus and stir fry  for another 15 seconds 
Add in the water and fry another 15 seconds 
Dish up and sprinkle cashew nuts on top 
Serve with white rice