Monday, 13 May 2013

Cooking Class At AFC studio, Singapore

I got myself a Mother's Day treat by attending a baking class at AFC Studio, Singapore.  Chef Wendy taught the class.  There were only 6 participants.  We worked in pairs.  It was worth going to the class because I would never have been able to create this cake without professional help. Hope I can repeat what I learnt.

I am wearing an AFC apron. Ready to bake!

AFC kitchen utensils for sale

We learnt to make this wonderful Strawberry Mousse Cake.
Firstly, we had to beat the egg yolks  and mix in the flour to make the sponge cake.   I learnt to fold in the flour into the eggs the right way but still need to practice more.  My right shoulder hurts a little because of an old injury and feels rather stiff.
After the sponge cake is done, we had to let it cool before we cut into small circles.
We then beat the whipping cream to stiff peaks and kept in the fridge for later use.
Then we prepared the strawberry puree and soaked gelatine sheets.
This is how the strawberry puree looks like after adding the whipped cream.  Now it becomes a strawberry mousse.
We then layered sponge cake and mousse with diced up strawberries.

Satisfied with the lovely cake!!!



  1. I love cooking and i always try new dishes. You shared such a nice blog with us. Keep posting in future pleas.

    1. Thanks Kristeny for your encouragement. Hope to post more goodies soon!