Thursday, 23 May 2013

Homemade Kaya

This recipe is from my friend Sean Lim in facebook.  This shows my 2nd attempt at making Kaya.  James enjoyed it and I am sure you will like it too.

Simple ingredients to make our all time favourite Kaya jam.
A. Fine Sugar 150 gm
B.  Coconut cream 250 ml
Water 60 ml
Fine Sugar 100 gm
3 Pandan Leafs
C. 5 eggs beaten and strained
1. Use a stainless steel pot.  Put in the A 150gm fine sugar and use low fire to melt the sugar. Stirring constantly with a wooden spoon till it turns golden colour.  Remove from fire.
2. Pour in the 60ml water a little by little and stirring constantly.  You will see bubbling - don't worry.  It will be good to line your table with newspapers under the pot. 
3.  Add in the coconut cream little bit at a time and keep stirring.  Add in the B. 100gm fine sugar and stirring constantly.
Leave to cool completely - this is very important.
The mixture after adding in the water, coconut cream and sugar.
4.  Beat and strain your 5 eggs.
5.  When completely cool, add in your strained eggs into the coconut mixture. Also add in your pandan leaves.
6. Cook on low fire and stirring constantly till mixture turns thick slightly. Then remove from fire and cool completely before bottling.

 This is after 5 mins.
After 10 -15 mins

Almost ready

Ready after about 20 mins.

Spread it on white bread with butter.  Yummy anytime of the day snack!
One bottle of kaya jam ... smells heavenly and taste good too!
Do keep it refrigerated.  Thank you and happy cooking.

Coconut cream from Fairprice or Kara brand also can.



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