Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Cookie Pops

Today we attended a cookie pops session organized by Bishan North CC.  It is a Parent-Child workshop.  That means an easy to do lesson!

Make cookie pop mixture using cream cheese and Tim Tam cookies.
Prepare sticks.
Dip stick into melted chocolate and stick into a ball of cookie.
Dip the cookie ball entirely into melted chocolate and immediately coat with sprinkles etc.
Stand them to dry.
Prepare melted white chocolate and add colouring.
Pipe coloured frosting over the cookie pops.

Cookie Pop (about 20 pcs)

Step 1.

Tim Tam cookies  1 packet (200g) and 80 gm cream cheese.
You can also use Oreo cookies.
80 gm Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese
Put the cookies in food processor and blend till fine.  Add cheese and continue to blend until combined.  Add sesame/ nuts if using at this stage.
Pour all the Tim Tam biscuits into processor and blend.
Take the mixture and roll into balls and chill in a plastic bag.

Step 2. 

Some rolled balls and other shapes and lolly sticks.

Prepare 20 lolly sticks, ice cream sticks or satay sticks.
Melt 200 gm compound chocolate (eg. Tulip brand from Phoon Huat) using a double boiler or microwave oven.
Use a stick dip into chocolate and stick into the prepared balls. 
When stick is firm inside, dip the entire ball into chocolate.
Tap at 45 degree angle after dipping to absorb some of the impact. The excess chocolate coating will fall off.
Coat with sprinkles, coloured sugar, nuts etc immediately.

Melting chocolate using double boiler
Step Three - Decorating with frosting and other decorations.
Melting white chocolate and some Candy melts. 
Melt your white chocolate 100gm or less for decoration.
White chocolate can be mixed with a little liquid colouring to get pink , yellow, purple etc frosting.
The candy melt need to add some Crisco shortening to dilute it as it is very thick. Also to use for piping.
Other ingredients for decorating the ball

Assorted coloured sugar,
sprinkles, melon seeds, crushed peanut etc.

You can make your own coloured sugar by mixing caster sugar and 1 or 2 drops of liquid colour.

Stand your finished pops onto a Styrofoam block, or use a bowl of rice or poke holes into a ice cream paper box.

Oreo pops made in 2012. I stand the pops into a glass with rice.

Our instructor used a kitchen mat with small round holes. ( you can buy from Giant supermarket)

Our creations today - I helped to pipe our names Joie and Lily.


Happy making, everybody!





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    1. Thank you June! Can repeat at home except I don't have a processor must do the hard way, put cookies in zip lock bag and crush them