Sunday, 2 February 2014

Steamed Glutinous Rice

Currently it is Chinese New Year and because of this festival, waxed meats are sold in supermarkets - Chinese sausages, wax duck, wax chicken n wax pork.

I remember always going with my mom to Chinatown to get waxed duck or in Cantonese Lup Ngap. It is always a essential item to give to my grandma.

Today I attempted to cook glutinous rice with waxed duck.

Very simple ingredients.

I made adjustments to recipes from Smoky Wok blog and to recipe book 1 Dish 2 Flavours by Patsie Cheong.

One wax duck breast 90 gm bought from Fairprice supermarket (replaced lup cheong in original recipes)
About 600gm of glutinous rice, washed n soaked for about 2 hours
4 Chinese dried mushrooms, soaked till soft 
Some oil
300 ml chicken stock
tablespoon soy sauce
A dash of pepper
Spring onions chopped. White for frying. Green part for garnishing.
Some roasted cashew nuts.
I also used 4 rice bowls.

Boil water in a pot n place wax duck inside and boil for 15 minutes to remove some of the salt.

Cool n dice the duck meat.

Dice the softened mushrooms.

Mix about 300ml of chicken stock with 1 tablespoon soy sauce and pepper and 1 tablespoon oil.

Heat the wok. Add 2 tablespoon oil n add the mushroom n white part of spring onion. Fry a bit.

Then add the waxed duck n fry together. 

Now add the soaked rice n fry together continuously. Sprinkle in the chicken stock if starts to appear dry.

Ladle into 4 rice bowls. 

Steam for at least 50 mins for the rice to cook.

Throughout the steaming time I also added chicken stock to the rice by tablespoons in about 10 minutes break.

Invert into a plate and decorate  with green spring onions n cashew nuts before serving.

The rice is soft and my hubby says like  bak chang - rice dumpling rice texture. I think good attempt. Happy cooking!

Soak mushrooms n rice n the waxed duck in packing

Bought the golden bridge brand 

Using my electric steamer to steam rice n standby the chicken stock

After cooking

Ready to serve

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