Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Pork chops

Inspired by Chef Eric Low, I decided to do Pork Chops for lunch n treat my hubby to western food. 

I replaced pork loin with pork chops n used McCormick perfect pinch instead of rosemary.

2 pcs of frozen pork chops defrosted
1-2 pcs garlic chopped finely 
Some McCormick Perfect Pinch
Some salt
Some crushed black pepper
Some extra virgin olive oil

Defrost the pork chops.
Marinate with the above seasoning.
Panfry on both sides for a few minutes till browned. About 3-4 minutes each side.


I used a few of these potatoes. About
500 gm. To make 4 servings of potato.
A few tablespoon of milk
A sprig of parsley chopped
Some salt 
Some butter

Boil a pot of water
Peel n cut potatoes into chunks
Add into boiling water the potatoes n add salt
Cook for about 20 minutes till you can push a fork in
Drain the potatoes n mash half the potatoes finely 
Mix mashed potatoes with salt n 2 or 3 tablespoon of milk
Do not over add milk or it will become too mushy
Add in the chopped parsley n mix
Use a ice cream scoop n scoop out the mashed potatoes. 
Drizzle sauce in top.
I used Masterfoods Roasted Garlic n Herbs finishing sauce.

You can also serve the cooked potatoes just with this seasoning.

The sauce is quite tasty. Serve the pork chop with green peas n carrots and potatoes .

I also had some red wine to go with the meal.