Friday, 20 March 2015

Cinnamon Rolls

These cinnamon rolls are my most successful batch and the recipe is from 
Fun at Sassy's Kitchen 
With some modifications 

What I did were 2 kinds of chocolate chip cinnamon rolls.
One simple roll and the other with a vanilla milk glaze topped with toasted flaked almonds.

I wanted to use raisins but my girl wanted chips instead. 


Melted 50 gm butter use the microwave say 20 seconds

Using the dough hook best slow speed for ten minutes

Oil the bowl n turn the dough once before use a damp cloth to cover m Ket rise in a warmed oven

I punched down though original recipe did not

Roll out to rectangle 40cm by 30cm

Brush with melted butter

Sprinkle the sugar cinnamon mixture in
Add chocolate chips as desired but cover only 3/4

Roll in as tightly as possible

Rolled up

Cut n lay on lined trays n brush top with melted butter. You can dab the end with butter n press it to seal the roll properly

Done! Remove to rack to cool

Taste best slightly warm

My frosting and toasted almond flakes

Frosting tasted like white chocolate!

Leave the frosting to set 

Yummy cinnamon rolls


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