Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Peach Cake

Original recipe by KS Lee
Apricot n Pineapple cake 

150gm butter ( I used unsalted n softened)
120gm caster sugar 
3 eggs

100 gm self raising flour 
120 gm high protein flour ( I interpret as bread flour)

1/2 pc canned apricot n 2 slices canned pineapple cut into cubes
I replaced with 4 small pcs of peach cut into cubes

Beat the butter n sugar till fluffy
Add eggs one at a time n combine well before adding next egg 
Slowly fold in B n mix well 
Lastly add in fruit n mix well 
Pour into 7" by 7" by 3 " baking mould
( I grease n floured)
Bake at 170 deg for 45 minutes. I used only 35 mins

Batter with fruits

4 small slices cut

Pour into greased n floured tin


Cut to slices 

Very good texture. A bit crispy crust n inside is soft.

Happy baking!!

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