Thursday, 5 March 2015

Tang Yuan 汤圆

Tang Yuan are actually glutinous rice balls. They are made using glutinous rice flour and water and eaten in a sweet soup.

These are usually eaten during the winter solstice and during the 15th day of Chinese New Year.

But they can be easily enjoyed now as frozen packets of tang yuan are sold in supermarkets n also sold in hawker stalls which sells sweet desserts.

I made these using a recipe from Rasa Malaysia.

Please follow her steps 
I did increase some flour and for the soup I boiled again another batch for more soup as I love more soup

My family enjoyed this very much!

Glutinous rice flour and pandan leaves

The dough - mix 2 cups of glutinous rice flour with 6 oz water use a measuring cup

Making little balls I used paper plates but they stick a little 

The rice balls will float when cooked

Another way to eat these tang yuan is to roll them the size of fish balls.
After cooking roll the balls while still wet but not dripping wet into sugar peanut powder.

 I used this packet 

Rolling the balls


Another great way to eat them!