Sunday, 15 March 2015

Romancing U 2015

Once again my husband and I joined the Romancing U 2015 organized by NTUC U family for a date night under the stars.
This time it was under the rain too!
The event is held at Fort Canning Green. I remembered going there a few years back and it rained as well even when the event just started.

Anyway it was an enjoyable time before the rain came down. We took a photo, had a mocktail n even participated in a game onstage. Sadly as the rain was so heavy we made a retreat home and missed Hossan Leong's performance.
I applaud those who stuck it out for an hour for the rain to stop. Some photos at the event.

We brought our picnic basket 

The large screen for movie

Nikki Muller in action

Photo from U family NTUC

Lucky me! Took a photo with Nikki Muller and Hossan Leong!

Wonderful jazz music and singing from Summertimes Hotshots

Photo from U Family NTUC 


Enjoying our picnic pizza

Photo U family NTUC

Going down to stage 
Photo from U Family NTUC 

On stage trying to eat 5 items of food 

Photo from U Family NTUC

Consolation prize!

2nd stage game 

Photo from U family NTUC

Taking shelter 

Ponchos from Ntuc

Thank you Ntuc for organizing this event!