Sunday, 13 January 2013

Easy Chye Poh Egg (Radish Egg)

For days when you just want to cook something simple to eat, or to go with your plain porridge. Chye Poh Egg or Radish Egg is the thing for you!

3 Eggs, a handful of radish soaked and dried, a little cooking oil,Kikkoman soy sauce and a little pepper.
This is salted radish.  So take a handful and soak in water for a few minutes and dry them.

Beat 3 eggs with some Kikkoman soy sauce and a little pepper.
Heat up a wok or pan with a little oil and fry the radish till brownish but not burnt.
Add in the egg and cover the pan.

After roughly 2 minutes, flip the egg over and continue to fry .  Make both sides of egg golden brown.

Delicous and simple to do!


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